Outgoing District Governor Mahbub Ahmad has awarded 3 members of our Club with Paul Harris recognitions for their outstanding services to the Club and the community.  A Paul Harris Fellow Award is given to a Rotarian who has contributed $1000 or in whose name, the equivalent has been given to The Rotary Foundation.
Under the leadership of President Zaki Hossain, in the first full year of operations the Club has received the Rotary Presidential Citation - the highest honor that is bestowed by the Rotary President to a Club.  It is a tribute to President Hossain's leadership in not only planning and organizing the Club but also in executing the various activities whereby the goals the Club set out to achieve were fully met.
Club Secretary Dr. Nazrul Islam was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow recognition for his outstanding commitment to the ideals of Rotary and in ensuring the Club's activities and records were properly maintained. He was instrumental in ensuring that the first footsteps of the newly established Club were on a solid foundation, and in following through on the Club's first Global Grant application.
Club Treasurer Mati Pal was recognized with a Paul Harris award for his meticulous management of the funds of the new Club, for taking the time to learn and understand the financial standards and practices of Rotary and in establishing a sound financial foundation for the Club.
Club Member Dr. Mohammed Zaman was recognized with a Paul Harris award for his selfless work as an infectious diseases specialist, in being with the community at their time of need without heed to his personal safety. 
These are truly People of Action and have provided Service Above Self to their community and to Rotary .
We congratulate them for their dedication and their continuous service.