Posted on Oct 17, 2019
Official Logo for Rotary District 7230Great News!.  Our Club's first District Grant-funded Community Project has just been approved.  It is an important achievement for a club that is not even a year old. 
Our Rotary District 7230 has 44 Clubs of which we are one.  Every year, the District solicits project submissions from Clubs which will match whatever amount the Club puts up for the project - up to $2,500.  Our Club President S. Zaki Hossain, and Member Rahat Hossain discussed a number of possible projects with Club Rotary Adviser Bina Ahmad and decided that a project to refurbish the main entrance of the Nassau University Hospital (NUH)  had the best chance of approval from all concerned.  With input from Linda Walsh, Executive Director of the NUHealth Foundation, the project was submitted via the District's electronic application system. 
At the end September, the Club received notification from our District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair (DRFC) Lora Hugelmeyer, with the good news that the project had been approved.  DRFC Hugelmeyer then requested the next step in the process - which is for the Club to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the District on the proper use and accounting of the funds and the execution of the project.  Once the project is completed and the Club submits the receipts for the expenditures, the District will reimburse the grant money to the Club.  The Club President S. Zaki Hossain, Club Rotary Foundation Chair M. Nurul Alam and Project Chair Rahat Hossain signed the MoU which was duly uploaded to the Application Center in early October.  The stage is now all set for the project to begin.
This year the District approved 17 projects for a total allocation of nearly $30,000.