An amazing partnership came together to bring food supplies to the children of Haiti.  Our Club partnered with the Yonkers-East Yonkers Rotary Club to send urgently needed food supplies for children in Haiti.  Club members Raaid Ahmad and Tabin Ahmad together with Honorary Member Lina Rahman and friend of Heritage Rotary Lubna Anwar provided donations of more than $850 to cover the cost of purchasing the food, supplies, barrels and shipment.  Funds were also raised by the Yonkers Club and contributions from Century 21 Royal and UNM Bank help fund the project which totaled over $4,000.
Father Philippe Charles, co-ordinator of the project, together with George John of the Yonkers Club purchased the supplies.  Friend of Rotary Paul Porooshasp provided his pickup truck to haul the supplies to George's office at Century 21 Royal.  Assistant Governor Bina, IPDG Mahbub helped George, Paul and Philippe to unload the supplies consisting of 300 lbs of rice,  150 lbs of flour, 300 lbs of beans, 80 lbs of oatmeal, 64 lbs of pasta, 12 gallons of cooking oil,  corn flakes, peanut butter, tomato paste, sardines and dry milk.  Century 21 Royal agents provided 3000 masks while UNMB Mortgage donated bulk packs of noodle soup.
The next day Rotarians and other volunteers gathered at the Century 21 Royal office and packed all the supplies into 6 barrels  for shipment to Haiti.  The barrels will be delivered to the Rotary Club of Delmas-Centre in Port au Prince.  They will be distributed through the Administrator of the Sainte Thérèse de L’Enfant Jésus’ School and Maria - one of the most reliable humanitarian groups in Haiti.
In the next few days, a 7th barrel will be assembled with clothing, school supplies for shipment to Haiti.
Thanks to this partnership the children of Haiti will have some decent food during the holiday season.
"We can work together for a better world with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind."
-- Wangari Maathai