Club Members are active, trying to help our local communities hard-hit by the pandemic.  Their latest effort was providing 14 families in dire need, in the Bronx, with groceries to last them for one month.  These families preferred the groceries to cash handouts. The supplies included rice, cooking oil, lentils. onions, potatoes. pasta, cereals, chicken nuggets, pita bread, salt, and snacks valued at $100 per bag.
The project was led by Club President S. Zaki Hossain, while Rahat Hossain arranged for the shopping and delivery to these families, many of which have young children or elderly members.
The project is ongoing with many more families in need who are awaiting supplies of groceries.  Sharing a little bit of your blessings will help alleviate the suffering. these families are going through on a daily basis. Please donate to the Club