The Heritage NY E-Club is the first new Club formed in the district in 2019, after a number of decades of no new Clubs.  Since then, it has flourished, now having 38 members and has won the Presidential citation in its first two years. 
Last Sunday, 4 December, the Club, in collaboration with Pediatric Education Development Society International (PEDSI), organized an amazing program – providing certified CPR training to nearly 20 young kids and some adults, coupled with informative sessions on Vaping and the importance of exercise.  In addition, two senior Psychiatrists were on hand explaining to both, the parents and the children, the importance of communication and understanding particularly in view of the generational and cultural gap.
In all, the event that began at 9 am was attended by 35 students, parents as well as District officials and Club members.  DG Marty welcomed everyone and at the end of the 90-minute-long CPR training, handed over the certificates to the attendees.  One woman, pushing back tears, said, “Some years ago, my husband died right in front of me.  I could not help because I did not know how to.  If I had known CPR then, I could have helped him.  Now I can help others in need”.
Following a short coffee and snack break, the program resumed, this time with a Zoom component adding to the number of attendees.  Pulmonologist Dr. Naeema Chowdhury, from Philadelphia discussed the dangers of vaping and how the vapors damage the lungs.  She explained that in the US, unlike in Europe, vaping pods are unregulated and are freely available to anyone, including children.  Big tobacco companies, trying to make up for revenues lost due to the strict regulation on tobacco products, are now targeting young people with child-friendly flavors of vaping products.  The ingredients in these products, not being regulated, also contain lead and other deleterious substances, some of which are highly addictive.  The students and parents actively participated in the ensuing discussion.  “I never knew vaping products are so harmful,” said one surprised student.
Dr. Ryan Chowdhury joining the Zoom session from Washington, DC explained the importance of exercise.  He said any movement of the body is beneficial.  He suggested swimming, biking, running or even walking to keep the body muscles functional and healthy.
In the final segment, two Psychiatrists, Dr. Munibur R. Khan Chief Psychiatrist, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, and Dr.  Quazi Rahman, Child Psychiatry, Medical Director, NYC Child Center spoke about the difficulties of parent-child relationships due to generational and cultural gaps.
DG Marty also presented the pins and certificates to three new Paul Harris Fellows of the Heritage Club, President Dr. Maksud Chowdhury, First Lady Dr. Shamim Begum and Vice-President Dr. Nasrin Khan.  Also present at the event from the district, were Executive Secretary PDG Mahbub Ahmad, District Rotary Foundation Chair PDG Mary Shackleton and Area Governor Bina Ahmad.